Dispelling the Myths of Stall Residual waste recycling

Dispelling the Myths of Stall Residual waste recycling

We wanted to add a Myths and FAQ section to our Facilities to help understand the lengths we go to treat wood shavings with manure buns and process the whole wastestream in a safe, environmentally sustainable way.


1. Did you know we make sure that all manure is covered inside and treated to prevent any flies' disease or odor? We worked tirelessly to work with manufacturers and technology partners that had to provide low emissions and cleantech throughout the process.

2. Did you know we focus on cleaning up water pollution, and methane-air pollution by removing, capturing, and reusing everything from the waste stream for good?

3. Did you know we do not stockpile manure laden rotting compost on our site – in fact, we don't even accept it

4. We only process fresh wood shavings that have been used in a horse stall and transported under cover from the farm to our site.

5. We are not a stand-alone compost site or transfer station

6. We do not take rotting manure to separate and process

7. We work with licensed haulers with covered trucks to protect the Environment

8. We control the quality of shavings to manure buns coming in

9. Stall residuals are above 60% wood shavings 40% buns ( with high-end barns up to 80% waste wood shavings)

10. There are no unkept piles left outside on our property

11. Any water available before processing is used in the bioreactor

12. Urine and water moisture in the dryer is converted to steam and condensed back to the water for reuse

13. We make wood shavings and manure buns inert (no smell)

14. Low odor mandate throughout and around the property

15. Replaceable Carbon filters and Ozone filters used throughout

16. Fans & blowers produce low-level noise